At Inspire Fitness, we are your Fitness Partner for the Real World! Our strength training classes offer a variety of weightlifting technique, functional total-body training, fun kettlebell moves, and challenging free weights. You'll love Spinning in our virtual theater accompanied by Birmingham's best coaches! Getting stronger, safely - USA Weightlifting at Inspire Fitness Our beautiful studio in historic, urban Highland Avenue neighborhood is the perfect environment to inspire you!

Welcome to Inspire Fitness

Our Vision:  A new Birmingham with our communities growing fit and strong together. Lower rates of preventable diseases and obesity; higher rates of peace and happiness.

Our Mission: Sharing Physical Fitness and a love of exercise with our community through education, leadership and outreach. Teaching our clients and our community how to become fit for life. Becoming a Fitness Partner with Real-World solutions for longevity, sustainability, and our three pillars of physical fitness: Spinning, yoga, and strength training for a program that’s safe, effective, and fun.