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Your Spinning® journey begins with a single pedal stroke. Step onto one of our StarTrac Blade™ Spinner® bikes, place your hands on the handlebars, slide into the seat and embark on the most transformational indoor cycling training program available. Every aspect of your body’s relationship to a high-performance racing bicycle has been integrated into the fully-adjustable Blade™ stationary bicycles. The Spinning® program is on the cutting edge of a revolution in how health and fitness are viewed and taught – not only in the US, but around the world. It has already helped nearly one million people to experience the reality of the mind/body connection that is the core of obtaining complete fitness and health.

The Spinning® program welcomes participants of all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or skilled athlete, the Spinning® program meets you where you are and helps you build from there. Join us at Inspire Fitness for a variety of specially-designed Spinning® classes, targeting Energy Zones™ created to help you customized and tailor your training program to attain your goals. The Spinning® Energy Zones™ include Endurance, Strength, Interval, and Race Day formats. You will find these Zones are specifically formatted into the class schedule at Inspire Fitness, ensuring you receive a well-rounded choice of class formats to meet your unique needs.

In addition to a full class schedule that includes a variety of Spinning® Energy Zones™ class formats, you can also find the following unique class formats at Inspire Fitness:

Tuesday Night “Lite”

Tuesday Night “Lite” is a class designed to represent a lighter side of Spinning. We keep the resistance to just above medium or lower, the format can range from steady-state cardiovascular training at 70% of your maximum heart rate or less to speed drills with a lower resistance. Videos may include meditative visuals, cycling training videos, or music videos. Excellent for advanced/intermediate indoor/outdoor cyclists looking for more steady-state cardio training, and also beginners looking for a less strenuous class format to begin building their aerobic base.

Hump Day Grind

You made it to Hump Day! This ride follows the Strength energy zone, so be prepared to work out those legs with lots of hills! Appropriate for all levels.

Tabata Thursday

Enjoy a shorter workout with high intensity intervals! This class will feature variations on the Tabata High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) theme – maximizing your effort in a shorter class. For more information on the Tabata format, you can read about it on Wikipedia:

Happy Hour Spin Mashup Theater

You won’t believe how much fun your training can be when accompanied by our specially themed Mashup format! Sweat for 50 minutes while enjoying our unique Theater studio featuring two 54” flat-screen monitors and rocking audio system. Popcorn and sodas are NOT encouraged during this class, but you’ll be having such a blast, you won’t miss ‘em!

Race Day Rides

After achieving a consistent training pattern for 8-12 weeks, join us for a specially-designed Race Day ride to test your progress! Put it all on the line and tap into your peak performance while learning something about yourself along the way. Race Day rides are designed to take you to your anaerobic threshold, challenging you as well as increasing self-confidence, greater satisfaction with your training, and an improved ability to set and achieve goals. Depending on the training program and class schedules offered, Race Day rides may be 60-, 75-, 90-, or 120-minute classes. Check our class offerings and be sure to choose a Race Day ride that fits your training schedule yet allows for adequate preparation beforehand.


Inspire Fitness offers group yoga classes for beginners and athletes alike. Our group Yoga classes are taught in the Vinyasa tradition and are specifically designed to counter the physical challenges that indoor cycling can present to the body. In addition to group yoga classes, be sure to make an appointment for a one-on-one yoga session with our certified yoga teacher, guaranteed to help you assess and improve your flexibility, balance, and strength and to complement your training program.

FUNCTIONAL fitness (funcfit)

Inspire Fitness offers group strength training classes in a circuit format that utilize functional, body-weight training as well as free-range equipment such as kettlebells, Bosu balance trainer, Swiss balls, jumpropes, Balance pods, and dumbbells. Join us for a challenging circuit in a group setting that will supplement and support your

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