Kelly Creel, Inspire Coach and Owner

Kelly Creel is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Spinning® Instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA), and holds a Level One Coaching Certification from USA Weightlifting. Kelly’s interest in a mind/body approach to physical fitness incubated during her yoga training and accelerated during her martial arts training. She practices contact-style karate and is currently training for her brown belt. Kelly is also an avid practitioner and teacher of Vinyasa-style yoga and enjoys meshing strength training, Spinning®, yoga, and karate together in her training plan. Aside from coaching others and building her own physical fitness, her passions include cooking, reading, studying Eastern philosophy and meditation, breaking things with nunchuks, brainstorming about fitness topics with husband and Inspire co-owner Stephen Creel, and just being Mom to their nine-year-old son.

Stephen Creel, Inspire Coach and Owner

Stephen Creel is a Certified Spinning® Instructor and avid road cyclist. Stephen brings real-world experience to indoor cycling, designing challenging, entertaining rides that simulate an outdoor experience. Stephen’s wackiest accomplishment was a solo ride on his Seven titanium-steel frame bike to Orange Beach from Birmingham. His hobbies include following professional cycling, watching college football, hiking with his son and dog, and designing SPIN® rides to follow professional cycling races such as the Tour de France and Giro de Italia.


Staying fit and being active has always been a big part of Sarah’s life. She loves sports and exercise and has been an avid Spinning® enthusiast since trying out her first class almost ten years ago. A Nashville native, Sarah relocated to Birmingham in 2009. She and her husband Matt love living in the Highland Park area and being part of all that the ever-growing and increasingly vibrant city has to offer. When she’s not on the bike, you’re likely to find her running (her second favorite form of exercise), working on her cooking skills and traveling the world as often as she can get away.

andrea walker, Inspire Coach and certified yoga teacher

Andrea Walker is a certified yoga teacher, strength training enthusiast, avid blogger and photographer, fitness software designer, entrepreneur, and all-around bundle of energy! Andrea’s love of learning and lifetime mission of sharing her passion for helping others motivated her to begin her yoga teacher training in 2012. Andrea brings her knowledge of the fitness world – she loves pumping iron by participating in tough workouts at CrossFit Rebellion – to her yoga instruction, emphasizing safety and proper form in balance with the spiritual aspects of pranayama (breathing) and meditation techniques with her class participants.  Andrea took her love of weightlifting a step further and earned a Level One Coaching Certification from USA Weightlifting in January 2014. Aside from fitness, Andrea is also a foodie and loves eating fresh, local, and nutritious fare to support her activities and lifestyle.  Her fitness journey continues today and beyond as she continues to expand her boundaries and learn alongside her students.

caitlin gaynor, nutrition consultant and dietetic intern

Caitlin began her journey with Inspire Fitness as a client and fan, attending classes originally with a friend from the Highland Avenue neighborhood. She completed her undergraduate studies at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in May 2012 with a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics. She began coursework for a Masters of Clinical Nutrition at The University of Alabama in Birmingham in August 2012 and will complete the Master’s program in December of 2014. During her Master’s coursework, she elected to take a sports nutrition class, which sparked her motivation to work with athletes. In August 2013 she was accepted into the UAB dietetic internship program. This program is a prerequisite for becoming a Registered Dietitian, and entails 10 months of rotations at various hospitals, outpatient facilities, public health departments and even food service. Caitlin’s philosophy is one grounded in science-based knowledge and foregoing fads and “diets” for research-proven methods that support active people, from the casual to the dedicated exerciser to the competitive athlete. Caitlin sums up her philosophy on nutrition in two words: Functional Foods. Aside from pursuing her passion for optimal nutrition, she is a fan of Spinning and also enjoys building her strength via FuncFit classes at Inspire Fitness. When she’s off the clock, her hobbies include cooking, reading and blogging.  Learn more about Caitlin by reading her blog, or checking her out on Facebook and Twitter at @GaynorCE.